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1940s Homeland Security
By Lynn LoFiego
"See ya later!" I called to my mother as I opened the front door. "Betty's here and we're leaving now." ...
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A Garden of Eatin'
By Bob Griggs
My dad was raised on a farm. Well, I was too, but I wasn't really a farmer at heart like he was. No matter ...
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A Nose for Crime
By Audrey Corn
A kid can like something too much. That's how it was with me and Black Jack chewing gum.
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A Quiet Hero
By Joseph R. Hughes Sr.
Everyone likes a hero. A hero always seems to make things better. By de?nition, a hero performs sel?ess ...
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A Sharecropper Christmas
By Carlene Poff Baker
Hearing the wind howling at the windows, we girls huddled closer to the wood-crackling stove in our sharecropper ...
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Back to School
By Judy Paris
One day when I was starting high school, the strangest thing happened. A new student came in -- a man.
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Bargaining With God
By Lorraine Schuettpelz
It was New Year's Eve 1958. I opened the back door and slipped out quietly, unnoticed, into the crisp ...
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Bing, Bob and Golf
By Edward Withrow
How the two comics helped a young sailor score points with his girl's disapproving dad.
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Breaking the Rules
By Audrey Corn
We always ignored our littlest cousin -- until Grandpa stepped in.
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Christmas on the Farm
By Geneva Yerbey
Every year when Christmas draws near, I can't help but be thankful for the opportunity I have to go out ...
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Cooking Up Smiles
By Tina M. Hultslander
Memories of a favorite uncle who traveled with his songs and recipes.
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Country Thanksgiving
By Arlene Storch Rizzo
It was early in November 1947, just a few weeks before Thanksgiving, when Mother announced to my three ...
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Dad's Fast-Food Venture
By Clement S. Pepper
In February 1943, our dad was working for the Southern Pacific Railway in Tucumcari, N.M., a dry, dusty ...
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Dad, the Encourager
By Barbara Barton
My dad, Tyson Gentry, wanted his children to call him "Papa." In the 1950s and '60s, few fathers answered ...
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Early CHiPs
By A.E. Allen
My wife and I were driving north on old U.S. 99 in our 1946 Ford convertible, en route to Sacramento, ...
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