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A Bright-Eyed Bunny

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Question: Made in the USA by ELPCO, this bunny child's dish is too cute. What is the name "Bright Eyes" referring to, and are there similar designs? What is its current value, and is it particularly collectible?

Answer: ELPCO is an acronym for East Liverpool Potteries Company, a conglomerate formed in 1900 in East Liverpool, Ohio. The group split up in 1903, leaving only the United States Pottery Company and Globe Pottery. They parted ways in 1907, ending East Liverpool Potteries. Yet U.S. Pottery continued using the East Liverpool Potteries marks until closing circa 1930. The mark on your plate was used in the 1920s. Although the company produced sets of children's dishes, the baby plates are most often found. They were transfer-decorated with a variety of animals as well as images of children and the face of a baby. Many have "Baby's Plate" printed on the rim, while others have "Bright Eyes." Used but undamaged plates usually sell for $50 to $60 each.

-- By Tom Hoepf, associate editor of Auction Central News