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A Sweet Little Dog

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Question: Filled with straw and sporting a leather collar, this sweet little dog is about 6 inches from nose to tail. His right ear has a metal tag that says "Shark" and pictures a diving man. He's not in the best condition, but I love his charm nonetheless. How old is he, and what is he currently worth?

Answer: Before German seamstress Margarete Steiff invented the stuffed toy bear that would later become known as the "Teddy bear," circa 1903, she made other stuffed toy animals such as camels, monkeys, donkeys, horses and pigs. Soon, many competitors started creating stuffed toy animals, including dogs. This little dog, done in a simple pattern, dates from the 1930s or 1940s. Regrettably, I have been unable to track down the metal tag, which should have revealed the maker of this toy. Other stuffed toy dogs similar to this one sell for $30 to $60.

-- By Tom Hoepf, associate editor of Auction Central News