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The Green of June

Trivia Question

What were the names of the sons on the television show My Three Sons?

The Green of June

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The other day my adult son and I walked the lonely stretch of back road we live on, accompanied by my new little companion, Oliver, a rescue Pomeranian. We humans pondered the flat northwest Ohio scenery while Oliver pulled at his leash.

"It's all so . . . green," my son commented. The overwhelming green of nature had become an unfamiliar sight to him as he has recently returned from living in a dusty, overseas mega-city for three years. A country boy at heart, he longed for the expanse of the yellowish lime, deep forest and bluish evergreen shades of green that we take for granted in our environment, especially this time of year. And now that he was enveloped in it once again, he was filled with gratitude.

June was always my favorite month, even as a child. School was out, the grass was suitable for bare feet, and the temps had not yet climbed to intolerable heights. I could sleep comfortably in my own bedroom at night, with windows open and curtains swaying in the breeze. And, as a definite bonus, the mosquitoes had not reached their peak state of nuisance. When I remember the adventures of my childhood summers, the best times seemed always to happen in June. June was fresh. June was free. June was green.

At the end of our walk, my son and Oliver and I turned the corner into our gravel driveway. As I looked down the tree-lined lane at my home, with its windows open and curtains swaying in the breeze, I took in the newly mowed grass and blooming flower beds and echoed my son's gratitude for the fresh, free green of June.

Oliver just pulled at his leash.

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Mary Beth Weisenburger,
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Trivia Answer

Mike, Robbie and Chip. After Mike moved away, Steve Douglas, the father, adopted Chip's orphaned friend, Ernie. Late in the series, Steve remarries and has a stepdaughter nicknamed Dodie, whom he also adopts.

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