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1950s Flashback
By Betty Grafwallner
I was a 1950s stay-at-home mom with three young children. The carrot sticks I scraped with my dime-store ...
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9th Ward Night Hawks
By Jimmy D. Doggette Jr.
New Orleans has been plagued by mosquitoes because of the swamps and woods all around, providing vast ...
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Backyard Telephone
By James D. Doggette Jr.
For young boys, city life in the late 1940s and early 1950s was bold and adventurous. We were taught ...
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Bunkie Bakes Best
By Paula Anne Greten
Who can resist Sleeping late on Saturday morning? Waking up to the aroma of freshly baking bread? ...
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Card Club
By Dorothy Stanaitis
Fifty years ago, Card Club was the highlight of the week for 12 young women who had just moved into the ...
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Cooking Under Pressure in the '50s
By Opal C. Blaylock
In 1953, to many young, inexperienced brides in the Memphis, Tenn., area, cooking was a household chore ...
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Delivering the Mail
By Don Bell
It was always special when Johnny the mailman stopped at our mailbox. I would run out to meet him and ...
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Elderberry Jelly
By Robert W. Earley
As a young boy in the early '50s, I enjoyed going to my grandmother's house. Gramme Price was an outstanding ...
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Halloween Memories
By Connie Morrow
Whatever happened to Halloween as I knew it growing up in the 1950s? Ah, yes! My dad would rake leaves ...
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Mama Had a Cure
By Reita Jackson
Back in the 1950s when I was growing up in the small south Mississippi town of Perkinston, common sense ...
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My Funny Valentine
By Sally Gallimore
When I was a grade school student many years ago, I always brought a handful of cards home to show my ...
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Not a Bad Crop
By Donna McGuire Tanner
I was not even 8 years old in August 1955, yet the events of that month are as vivid to me as if they ...
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Redeeming in the '60s
By Elaine Bernadette
It's funny how a wonderful memory can be stirred from just about anything. I was taking an afternoon ...
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Teddy Bear
By Lou Freeman Jr.
The year was 1953. The location was my hometown of Ottumwa, Iowa, often referred to as "the Heartland ...
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The City That Sleeps
By James D. Doggette Jr.
Outside of being a romantic and an adventurous city, New Orleans was known as "The City That Care Forgot" ...
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