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Good Old Days

Our May Issue

Dear Friends of the Good Old Days,

Thirty years ago this month, I became a mom and an official homeowner, both for the first time. I was 26 years old; my husband of four years was 30. We were in the throes of building our first house. Six months prior, the $200 a month rent we had been paying for a two-bedroom apartment was about to go up to $225. We deemed that excessive (which makes me smile now), so we moved our meager belongings to the basement of our unfinished structure and worked on completing it in the evenings and on weekends. When our son arrived, on income tax day, we had just finished installing our kitchen cabinets. The living room furniture, in trendy country blue and mauve colors,, was still wrapped in plastic. We officially moved upstairs. But the kitchen countertops were MIA, flooring hadn't been installed in much of the home, there was only one working bathroom, and most challenging of all, there was no air conditioning. That first Ohio summer was a hot and sweaty one. But we were happy!

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