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Good Old Days

Our October Issue

Dear Friends of the Good Old Days,

I can relate. One of my favorite childhood pleasures was filling out a form from the back of a cereal box and sending it in with $1 or so for an "exciting" offer. If I could succeed in fending off my brothers for first chance at the form, I would grab a pair of scissors and hack away at the box, whether it was empty or not (the latter scenario caused my mother much chagrin, but because we kids went through cereal like a swarm of locusts, the remaining flimsy inner cereal bag never lasted long afterward anyway).

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Good Old Days magazine is the magazine that remembers the best of times. Feature stories and photos of the good old days of 1930 through 1960 are all contributed by readers. This easy-to-read collection of memories will fascinate the young and the old alike.
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