Current Issue

A Beautiful Disaster
By Lorie Vinson
To her, it looked like a work of art. To her dad, not so much.
A Head-Smacking Tradition
By Lewis A. Kocher
Christmas wasn’t Christmas until this happened.
A Hopeful Hanukkah
By Linda Shapero
They dreamed about what they wanted but probably wouldn’t get.
A Teaspoon or a Cup?
By Wendy Day
She's still not allowed near the salt.
An Open Hand
By Kathy Padgett
"Abundant sharin'" made thankful hearts.
Best Wishes From Skipper
By Audrey Corn
His gift helped her budget—and his presence helped her confidence.
Bewildered Bakers
By Jeanne Pafford Glasgow
They needed a cookbook—and a dictionary.
Christmas Eve at Glen Addie
By Gloria Roesch
There were no parents present, but there was lots of love.
By Art Brown
Their efforts in the fall paid off at Christmas time.
Double-Duty Garage
By Thenie Posch as told to Sarah Ashley Posch
It was the perfect space for their celebration.
Four Generations of Trees
By Joann Draves Lightfoot
The whole family pitched in every holiday season.
Holidays at Higbee's
By Frances Smith
It's where the real Santa resided.
Just Wait and See
By Sara Etgen-Baker
His secret sacrifices made Christmas Eve special.
Losing Santa
By Sharon Singleton
He was simply misplaced for a while.
More Blessed to Give
By Audrey Carli
A Christmas Eve sacrifice made a lasting impact on all of them.
Santa Mom
By Karen Moon
She never let them down.
Saving the Pie and Saving the Day
By Sylvia Richmond
The first few were less than desirable.
Successes and Failures
By Dede Hammond
Betty Crocker was right all along.
The Banana Tree
By John Scanlan
The salesman saw him coming
The Icing on the Cake
By Edward Guion
A very sweet thought led to a very sweet result.
The Not-So-Perfect Taffy
By Vicki Ramseyer
It kinda looked like sugar, didn’t it?
The Way to a Man’s Heart
By April Knight
She knew the saying had some truth to it.
Too Young to Vote
By Carmen Evenson
But not too young to understand the message.
White Ribbon Cook
By Jan Fausnaugh
For her first try, it was a grand success!