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Dear Friends of the Good Old Days,

Happy New Year! With the flipping of the calendar page we often pause to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Right now, I'm inviting you to do both, Good Old Days style!

You (and I) love this magazine for its heartwarming stories that meander through our memory banks, gathering our own sweet reminiscences along the way. I hear it almost daily through emails and letters from loyal readers like you -- Good Old Days has the power to transport us to a precious, nostalgic era when life was not so complex. It's a worthwhile trip, wouldn't you agree?

So here's my first invitation: When you find yourself deep in that warm glow of your yesteryear, take out a pen and paper! Jot down your favorite recollections. Capture those stories. Preserve those memories. They are priceless!

And that leads me to my second invitation for the New Year: Send those stories to us! We would love to add your voice to the collection that gets published every couple of months.

If you're worried about your spelling, grammar or punctuation not being perfect, have no fear. We have talented staff that can polish your story to perfection. All we need is the core of your experience, whether that's in a 1,000-word story or a 200-word story.

So, as 2020 begins, please accept my invitation and resolve to document and submit your treasured memories to Good Old Days. If you need some help getting jump-started, you can check out the request below, email me at and ask for an editorial calendar, or you can go to our website,, and click on "Looking Back -- Capture Your Memories" in the left-hand column. There you'll find a handy list of thought-provoking questions you can print athome. It's our gift to you for 2020.

Happy New Year, dear readers -- and happy writing!

'Til next time,

Mary Beth Weisenburger signature
Mary Beth Weisenburger, Editor

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Mary Beth Weisenburger has been with Annie's since April 2011. She has 25 years of experience in the marketing, advertising and publishing fields. In addition to her job as editor of Good Old Days, she has been writing a family humor column for over a decade. She and her husband, two college-age kids, two dogs and various other critters live on five acres in the country, where she enjoys reading on the back porch, refinishing furniture, feeding the birds and digging in the dirt of her perennial gardens.

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