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Which epic historical film starred John Wayne as Davy Crockett?

Covert Critter Companions

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I must have been a challenging young student.

As I was reading about the Envoy school chair in The Antiques Corner section of this update, my mind flashed back to third grade at St. Michael's Elementary School in my hometown. I loved my new desk. It had an opening facing the seat -- not a hinged lid like the one I had in second grade. And my chair was not connected to the desk so I could move it around as I pleased. This was progress for an antsy child! Plus, my new desk allowed me to utilize my quirky imagination to the fullest.

That year, I was enthralled with bugs and butterflies and all kinds of tiny critters. I constantly carried around two books on insects that belonged to my 16-year-old brother. I brought in a cocoon so the whole class could watch the metamorphosis process. And, most amusing of all, I swiped two plastic mice from our Mouse Trap board game at home and created a tiny nest for them in the front corner of my desk. There they lived, played and entertained me when math class got boring (at around five minutes into the class period). I shredded little bits of notebook paper for their bedding, and routinely acted out scenarios between the yellow mouse (the girl) and her brother, the red mouse. My new desk was the perfect setup -- I could peek inside and put my hands in there to play with the mice and my teacher was none the wiser. Most of the time.

I often thought of this story over the years, particularly when teachers would mention in conferences that my kids regularly daydreamed and had difficulty paying attention in class.

I wonder what toys from home resided in their desks.

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Trivia Answer

The Alamo. Wayne also produced and directed the film. A replica of The Alamo Mission was constructed for the film and has since been used in many other Westerns.

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