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Trivia Question

Which popular television show featured acts discovered by "talent scouts" and an applause meter to determine the talented winner?

Time-Tested Answers

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As the editor of Good Old Days magazine for the last seven years, I have had the privilege of reading the childhood memories of thousands of Americans who are now in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s. The writers hold their recollections near and dear to their hearts and reflect with deep, abiding sentiments what it was like growing up in a bygone era. The stories are sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, and sometimes, they are simply humble skips down memory lane. But, despite our tagline of "The magazine that remembers the best," sometimes the stories we receive are painful. Not all of our Good Old Days were good.

One thing stands out, however, in the more distressing submissions. I have noticed the not-so-good-old-days stories typically end on a positive note. Our writers have the powerful gift of perspective that comes with age, so when they look back on a challenging time, they can find a lesson learned, a truth told, a value underscored. Whenever I sift through a stack of manuscripts for upcoming issues, the message rings through clear as a bell: Resilience, perseverance and hope are the universal time-tested answers to adversity of all types.

As we leave the rigor and ruthlessness of 2020 behind us (talk about adversity!) and launch a new year, I will once again look to the wisdom of the Good Old Days writers. Not all of our days are good! But by practicing resilience, perseverance and hope, we can overcome our challenges. At the very least, we can learn lessons, find truth and clarify our values. And that is good.

I wish you all a blessed, healthy and happy 2021!

'Til next time,

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Mary Beth Weisenburger,
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PS. What lesson did you learn from adversity you experienced in your Good Old Days? We want to hear about it! Send a brief response to me at, and it could appear in a future update or in Good Old Days magazine!

Mary Beth Weisenburger has been with Annie's since April 2011. She has 25 years of experience in the marketing, advertising and publishing fields. In addition to her job as editor of Good Old Days, she has been writing a family humor column for over a decade. She and her husband, two college-age kids, two dogs and various other critters live on five acres in the country, where she enjoys reading on the back porch, refinishing furniture, feeding the birds and digging in the dirt of her perennial gardens.

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Trivia Answer

Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts. Many great musicians performed on the show, including The Chordettes, The McGuire Sisters, Rosemary Clooney, Pat Boone, Connie Francis and more. The show ran on TV from 1948 to 1958.

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