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This Week in History

Buckingham Bombed, a Dream Song, a Biblical Epic, Mr. Cub's First Game, and Heading West

-- On Sept. 13, 1940: German bombs struck Buckingham Palace. Four members of the palace staff were injured, with one person later dying. The bombing destroyed the palace chapel and damaged the Queen Victoria Memorial. Although the king and queen were at the palace at the time of the bombing, they were not injured during the attack. On May 8, 1945, the king, the queen and Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret appeared at the Buckingham Palace balcony to celebrate Victory in Europe.

-- On Sept. 13, 1965: The song Yesterday by the Beatles was released in the United States. It quickly became a hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard charts in early October. The song's melody came to Paul McCartney in a dream, but the lyrics and title took much longer to create. Yesterday has been remade so many times that it is considered the most covered song.

-- On Sept. 16, 1953: The biblical epic movie The Robe starring Richard Burton as Marcellus Gallio and Jean Simmons as Diana premiered. In the film, Marcellus is one of the Roman soldiers who crucifies Jesus. He wins Jesus' robe in a game of dice but later feels guilty for his part in the crucifixion and becomes a Christian.

-- On Sept. 17, 1953: Ernie Banks played his first game with the Chicago Cubs. Banks ultimately hit 512 home runs during his Hall of Fame career. He played and coached for the team, earning him the nickname Mr. Cub. In 1982, the Chicago Cubs retired his uniform number.

-- On Sept. 18, 1957: The television Western Wagon Train first aired. In the series, Major Seth Adams (Ward Bond) led a group of wagons, heading from Missouri across the American West to California. Chris Hale (John McIntire) replaced Adams as the trail leader after actor Bond passed away of a sudden heart attack in 1960. Wagon Train featured a long list of guest stars including in small part: Ernest Borgnine, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Lorne Greene and many others. The last original episode of Wagon Train aired in 1965.

-- Compiled by M. Moeller

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