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My Guy, an Informational Show, a New Deal Program, and Evolution in Education

-- On May 16, 1964: My Guy, performed by Mary Wells, reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts. The catchy song was written and produced by Smokey Robinson, the talented musician who also sang in the group The Miracles. My Guy was Wells' biggest hit song.

-- On May 17, 1938: The radio show Information Please, hosted by Clifton Fadiman, made its radio debut. Radio show listeners submitted questions for a panel of experts to answer. The popular show aired on the radio until 1951 and also made a brief appearance on television in 1952.

-- On May 18, 1933: President Roosevelt signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act to create the TVA. The New Deal program was designed to address economic problems in the Tennessee Valley. The act is most known for the creation of dams and providing electricity to the area. However, it also addressed the navigation of the Tennessee River, improvements to area agriculture and fixing flooding issues. While the TVA provided many jobs and improvements, it also displaced many people in the area.

-- On May 18, 1967: The Tennessee law known as the Butler Act, which prohibited public school teachers from teaching evolution, was repealed. In 1925, substitute teacher John Scopes was tried for violating the law in the famous Scopes case. During the trial, William Jennings Bryan represented the prosecution, and Clarence Darrow the defense in a fierce debate on evolution. Scopes was found guilty of violating the act and fined $100 by the judge. The decision was later appealed and the fine was thrown out due to a procedural issue.

-- Compiled by M. Moeller

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